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Posted by unlimiteddesign on August 7, 2012 at 3:55 PM

Hi there and welcome to our new blog.


I've been playing around with website design for a few years now mostly on hobby sites such as my local classic boating site, Nickle City Classics and my local ACBS Chapter site Old Boats Buffalo. Yes the two site look the same and yes I am partial to a dark back ground for my sites. The reason those two site look similar is by request of the Old Boats Buffalo folks. They just liked the look of my first site and wanted it duplicated.


The first site I made for someone else was the Buffalo Stamps site which I co-designed with the owner who was a friend of my wife. She basically manages this site on her own now. She does all the updates and posts, I just go in once and a while and clean things up for her.


The next site I did for someone else was the Absolutely Everything site. This was also designed with assistance and feedback from the owner and her assistant. The two Kate's spent a lot of time with me going over the site, and we have made a very nice site here. I help her with SEO as well as Blog posts on her "Whats New" page. I also help her with her "AE Blog" and her Facebook and Twitter accounts.


Let me tell you a little about the website design and hosting package I use. I like the Webs hosting and design package because of it's easy user interface. All you really need to do is pick a template and start copy and pasting. It's really as easy as that, and anyone can do it. The ease of use allows me to concentrate on the website design and content. Let me just say here that the content is the key. If I design a website for you or if you do it yourself you will have to provide quality original contact. A combination of text and pictures looks nice, but it is the content that will keep customers coming back to your site as well as allowing it to rank in the search engines, (a topic for another post :)). 


I look forward to sharing website tips and tricks with you here in the future. Please don't forget to "Share" and "Comment", we like comments. :)


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